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Create a comfortable Smart Home.

One system for home security, smart heating and smart lighting

The Egardia Alarm system is not just an alarm system. Add Egardia's Smart Thermostats and Smart Plugs and create a smart, secure and comfortable home instantly!

Always come home to a warm home

The Egardia Smart Radiator Thermostats manage the temperature of your home and of each room independently. You will always come home to a comfortable home. And when you leave your home Egardia makes sure your heating is set to saving mode.

46% energy saving

The Egardia Smart Thermostat, lets you save up to 46% on your energy bill. All you need to do is change your conventional radiator knob and automate your heating with Egardia today. You already have thermostatic radiator valves? Egardia Smart Thermostats still lets you save up to 23% on your energy bill. (based on a scientific study)

Lighting that knows you

Egardia Smart Plugs automatically turn lights on or off when you come home, when you leave and based on an easy configurable weekly schedule. And in an alarm event the lights will be switched on. Create your secure and comfortable home today.

Control your home from anywhere

The Egardia app for Android or iPhone allows you to easily control your alarm system, heating and lighting from anywhere, 24/7.

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Works with Egardia

A Smart Home starts with a Smart Alarm. The 'Works with Egardia' program ensures that your Egardia Alarm System works effortlessly with third-party devices. Automate your Philips Hue lights, Nest Thermostat or other smart device based on the status of your Alarm System.

More about Works with Egardia

Discover the Egardia accessories that can turn your home in a Comfortable Smart Home

All additional Egardia accessories are easily added to your Egardia Alarm System in just a couple of seconds.

Installing Egardia is easy

Just 30 minutes of your time is needed to complete 3 simple steps.

Place the Egardia sensors. Drilling holes not required.
Connect the Alarm System with your modem and register your account
The Alarm System automatically connects with the sensors
Your home is now upgraded to a Smart Home!

Free security advise

Determining which detectors you need for your home is easy. We've created a handy chart so you can easily determine this yourself. Need help? Call us on +31 88 383 88 88 for a personal security advice.

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