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Security Advice

Determining the detectors that you need is easy. On this page we explain how to easily determine this for you home.

Do you have any questions or do you prefer that we give you a personalised security advise? Please contact our Customer Services and choose option 1 to speak to one of our security advisors.

Advice on Burglary Prevention

Determine where a burglar can most likely enter your home easy, fast and inconspicuously. The most vulnerable places are places where a burglar can proceed without being seen from the street. On the ground floor, sensitive spots are usually the back and the garage door. On the first floor balconies and flat roofs below windows can be used to enter the bedrooms.

Ground floor

  • Place a Door/window sensor on the front door. This sensor records the opening and closing of the door.
  • Place a motion sensor in the corner of the living room. Egardia Motion detectors have a viewing range of up to 10 meters and a viewing angle of 110 degrees from left to right. Ideally the motion detector secures a large living room from a corner that overlooks the complete living room.
  • Place a Motion detector in a separate kitchen or garage or a Door/window Sensor on the door leading to the garage and kitchen.

The Egardia Alarm System includes two Door/window sensors and a Motion detector.

First/Second floor

  • Mount a motion detector on the landing. This is a strategic place where a burglar always has to pass after entering from one of the rooms on the second floor. During the night you can choose to activate the Egardia Alarm System partially so that this sensor is not active. This allows you to freely move around on the second floor without triggering the Alarm System.
  • Place a Door/window sensor on balcony doors or windows above a flat roof. We advise these detectors to be set to active during the night.

Advise on Fire Prevention

The Egardia Smoke detector protect your home and family actively against the risk of fire. You and your contacts will be directly alerted by phone and SMS Text message when smoke is detected. Even if you are not at home a developing fire will not go unnoticed. In addition a loud siren is sound from the detector, the Alarm System and from the Bell Box outside.

  • Mount a Smoke detector on the ceiling near the bedrooms. This is usually a corridor or landing.
  • Mount a Smoke detector on the ceiling of the living room. Fire is often caused by a short circuit in electrical equipment.