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A Smart Home starts with a Secure Home

Securing your home has never been easier with the Egardia Alarm System. With additional smart devices you can now, just as easy, turn your Secure Home into a Smart Home. Add Egardia Smart Thermostats and Smart Plugs and enjoy a Smart, Safe and Comfortable home.

Expand the Egardia Alarm System for a Secure and Smart Home!

  • Home monitoring

  • fire safety

  • Leakage protection

  • Video security

  • Smart Heating

  • Smart Lighting

All Egardia Smart Devices

Available at Media Markt, Bauhaus, Hornbach and more

More Reliable, More Secure. You can count on Egardia 24/7.

Egardia is fully engineered for security. Using the most reliable and secure communications, advanced tamper-resistant technology and 24/7 system integrity monitoring, you can have peace of mind that your home will be fully protected 24/7.

Egardia Security Service

  • 24/7 connected to the Egardia Virtual Alarm Center
  • Unlimited alerts by telephone and SMS
  • Including personal account to control your system from anywhere

Additional services

Video Security Service

Add Egardia Cameras with the Egardia Video Security Service to view your home from anywhere.

  • Secure Cloud Storage Video Recording in an alarm event
  • Video immediately pushed to your phone in an alarm event
  • Live video access from anywhere using the Egardia App

Easily installed in 3 simple steps

Place the Egardia sensors. Drilling holes not required.
Connect the Alarm System with your modem and register your account
The Alarm System automatically connects with the sensors
Your home is now upgraded to a Secure Home!

What others say about the Egardia Alarm System

"The installation was as simple as sticking magnets on a fridge!"

"In our comparison of wireless alarm systems in the category of up to 600 euros, the Egardia Alarm system received a fully deserved "VERY GOOD" rating. This system is perfectly arranged..."

"Dead easy" and "a great addition to your home"