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Quickly check if everything is okay at home

With the Egardia Security cameras you can always check if everything okay at home.

See what is happening in & around your house. Anytime and from anywhere.

Make sure that everything is okay at home? Or instantly check what is happening during an alarm? With the Egardia security cameras you can easily turn your Egardia Alarm system into a complete camera surveillance security system.

Easily view camera images with your smartphone

With the Egardia App you can easily view recordings and live images from the Egardia security cameras anytime and from anywhere.

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Always sharp images, daytime & nighttime, inside & outside

Both Egardia security cameras take crystal clear images in HD quality, both during the daytime and at nighttime. With the advanced motion detection, video images are automatically recorded when something moves in the front of the camera whenever your alarm system is armed. Whatever happens, you won't miss it. The Egardia outdoor camera is weather and water resistant (IP66) and therefore suitable for outdoor installation.

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Instant recordings in the event of an alarm

The Egardia security cameras work seamlessly together with your Egardia alarm system. Recordings are made automatically in the event of an alarm. You will receive these recordings immediately on your smartphone so that you can instantly see what is happening. The recordings are securely stored in the cloud for up to 30 days. You have access to your recordings 24/7 via the app or your online account. The Egardia Video Security Service is offered for a fixed and low monthly cost, and can be canceled on a monthly basis. You are never tied to a long-term contract.

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Fully monitored internet connection

Egardia cameras able to use any residential Internet connection. To make sure everything is working properly Egardia tests your Internet connection proactively every second of the day. In case the Internet connection disconnects, the Online Alarm Center of Egardia will warn you by e-mail, telephone or SMS text message. In order to avoid false warnings Egardia has developed an algorithm that distinguishes between suspicious malfunctions and regular down time due to maintenance by your Internet service provider.

Always secure and up to date

The Egardia team is dedicated to ensure the security and reliability of your Alarm system and cameras. That is why software updates are offered on a regular basis. These updates include security improvements based on the latest technologies, performance enhancements and new functionalities. The cloud software of the Egardia Online Alarm Center is hosted in Europe within the secured KPN data center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The KPN data center is ISO-27001 certified by an independent information security inspection authority. Egardia fully complies with the GPDR (European Privacy Act).

Easy installation

The Egardia HD Indoor Camera and the HD Outdoor Camera are IP Cameras that can be easily connected to your home network by yourself. Egardia Cameras work wirelessly via WiFi and can also be connected with a network cable. Both cameras are supplied with power adapter, ethernet cable and installation material. In order to be able to install the camera anywhere adapter extensions and extended network cables are available in the Egardia online shop. Our customer service is happy to help you with any installation question you might have. Don't feel like doing the installation yourself? Then book one of our professional installation partners.

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