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Discover the Egardia accessories that can turn your home in a Secure Home

All additional Egardia accessories are easily added to your Egardia Alarm System in just a couple of seconds.

More Reliable, More Secure. You can count on Egardia 24/7.

Egardia is fully engineered for security. Using the most reliable and secure communications, advanced tamper-resistant technology and 24/7 system integrity monitoring, you can have peace of mind that your home will be fully protected 24/7.

Egardia Security Service

  • 24/7 connected to the Egardia Virtual Alarm Center
  • Unlimited alerts by telephone and SMS
  • Including personal account to control your system from anywhere

Additional Service

Video Security Service

Add Egardia Cameras with the Egardia Video Security Service to view your home from anywhere.

  • Secure Cloud Storage Video Recording in an alarm event
  • Video immediately pushed to your phone in an alarm event
  • Live video access from anywhere using the Egardia App